CAD/CAM Programming Unique programmers are highly proficient in programming designs through all types of software packages. We can assist with designs and nesting solutions, to ensure the customer meets quality and budget expectations.

CADCAM Programming

2D Laser Cutting


  • BED 6000 MM X 2000 MM – LARGEST IN WA


  • DUAL BED 3000 MM X 1500 MM


  • DUAL BED 3000 MM X 1500 MM
  1. High speed
  2. High accuracy
  3. Exclusive constant-beam length for uniform cutting performance anywhere on the machine table
  4. Shock-less, high gain servo technology for high cutting accuracy
  5. New generation built-in laser oscillator with turbo blower for high-performance and low maintenance.
  6. Linear driven – it has 4 interchangeable torches (able to be changed in 2 minutes) with different focal lengths. These strengths allows the machine to increase its cutting speed, therefore allowing us to reduce costs.
2D Laser Cutting

3D Laser Cutting 3D & 2D SPACEGEAR 4KW

Latest in Laser Cutting Technology, the Space Gear 510 Mark II 4KW 3D & 2D laser will change the manufacturing industry forever.

It cuts 2D flat sheets and plate with high speed and high accuracy, as well as 3D formed shapes and 3D 6-axis-rotary fabrication of pipe, tube and structural steel, and bevel cutting of plate.

3-D mode makes use of our compact cutting head with 360° rotation in the A-axis and 135° in the B-axis to maintain a normal cutting angle to all preformed sculptured surfaces. A non-contact profiler maintains a constant stand-off distance and eliminates marring of the part.

It is capable of cutting sheets with 3000x1500 size, 20mm laser plate mild steel thickness and 12mm stainless steel sheet.

This machine is the only one in WA at present therefore the opportunity to increase use in 3D is substantial. The costs to the customer are reduced but most of all the ease of repetitive fabrication is increased.

3D Laser Cutting

Thread Tapping

  1. M3.......................up to 4 mm material thickness
  2. M4.......................up to 5 mm material thickness
  3. M5.......................up to 6 mm material thickness
  4. M6.......................up to 8 mm material thickness

Unique can offer the latest in laser and tapping capabilities through its integrated new technology.

Thread Tapping

Shutdown Processing Unique Laser can provide expert Shutdown Processing

We provide fast turnaround for shutdown processing to the mining & resources and oil & gas industries.

Shutdown Processing

Product DesignWe specialize in designing and fabricating decorative screens, feature lights, laser cut cladding panels, water features, pergolas, letterboxes, mirror frames, wine holders, wall art, sculptures, garden partitions and much more!

To find out more about our creative services and go through our large range of design, please visit our Metal Art and Product Design website.

Metal Art & Product Design

Product Design

Please visit our interactive designing website to create your own screens

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