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Mining and Engineering Unique has been fabricating products for the mining industry for over 30 years. From Hoppers wear plates, ducting , silencers, walkways, Unique ensures all work complies to ISO 9001 and Occupation, Health and Safety Standards.

Oil & Gas Unique is renown for expertise manufacture of dampers, air modules, enclosures and many other specialized items for the Oil & Gas Industry. Strict quality control and documentation ensure our projects are completed on time and to specification.

HVAC Unique is a supplier and manufacturer of all types of HVAC ducting, fans, dampers, silencers and louvres.

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Marine Unique has a long history servicing Australian ship building industry, producing dampers, ducting, panels, hatches, railing, vents, silencers and many more products.

Building & Construction Unique has been servicing the construction industry for over 30 years. Unique has worked on many of Western Australia's iconic construction projects.

Hospitality & Catering Unique can manufacture all types of stainless steel bar and kitchen equipment for bar and restaurants, clubs, hospitals, schools, etc. We also have a range of modular kitchen equipment that is easy to install and highly functional - click here to view

ShopfittingUnique Metals / Laser have been directly & indirectly manufacturing quality shop fitting products for 25 + years. this includes all types of metals. We can lasercut lettering / signs in metal & plastics, clad timber cabinets/walls etc in stainless steel or any type of metal required , manufacture steelwork , handrails, benchwork, frames, cabinets, kickboards, metal doors, custom racks, site measure, manufacture & if required install any of these or any products you or your client designs.

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HealthUnique is an accredited supplier of fabricated products and services to the health industry statewide.

When the job needs to be done right in sensitive areas, Unique makes it happen.

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