Environmental Policy

All Unique Metals Laser operations will be undertaken in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

We will ensure that our daily operations comply with all relevant Environmental Protection Laws and with Company Environmental Requirements.

As a leader in the field of Manufactured Metal Products we are committed to:

  • Adopting and promoting manufacturing best practice in the area of Sheet Metal & Laser Cutting processes
  • Continually reducing the environmental footprint of our business
  • Promoting responsible use and management of water resources.

All Employees are expected to demonstrate a commitment to these principles and are accountable for reducing the use of Energy and Water in their areas and for acting as necessary to protect their immediate environment.

By adopting a proactive approach and a consultative process we will:

  • Ensure that prevention and emergency response measures are in place to protect our immediate surroundings
  • Continually reduce the amount of Steel Materials used in all of our operations
  • Actively convert operations to the use of energy forms which reduce carbon emissions
  • Continually seek to increase the use of recyclable materials in our products and in our operations
  • Give preference to suppliers who follow progressive environmental practices
  • Create a culture which encourages all staff to participate
    in the improvement of their site’s environmental performance
  • Maintain a Environmental Management System in line with the
    requirements of International Standard ISO 14001
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